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Federal Communications Commission
American Radio Relay League
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Montgomery County, PA
South Central PA Counter Terrorism Task Force
Delaware County, PA
Dauphin County, PA
Bald Eagle RA, PA
Chester County, PA
Erie County, PA
New Castle Co., PA
Schuylkill County, PA
Warren County, NJ
Sussex County, DE
Newport County, RI
Arlington County, VA
Virginia Capital, VA
Sandoval County, NM
Marquette County, WI
Milwaukee County, WI
Sauk County, WI
North/West County, WI
Yellowstone, MT
Scott County, IN
Dekalb County, GA
Dawson County, GA
Fayette County, GA
Springfield County, IL
McHenry County, IL
District ARES, NH
East Rockingham, NH
Great Bay, NH
Hillsborough County, NH
Mt. Washington, NH
South Grafton County, NH
West Rockingham, NH
Baxter County, AR
Sebastian County, AR
Berkeley County, SC
Greenville County, SC
Clarksville CATS, TN
Bradley County, TN
Blount County, TN
Hamilton County, TN
Williamson County, TN
Heart of TN ARES
Adirondack ARC, NY
Erie County, NY
Franklin County, NY
Nassau County, NY
New York City, NY
Niagara County, NY
Smithtown ARES, NY
Queens County, NY
Orange County, NY
Penn Yan, NY
Rockland County, NY
Genesee County, MI
Houghton County, MI
Kalamazoo County, MI
Macomb County, MI
Northside ARC, MI
York County, ME
Dakota County, MN
Panola County, MS
Ogemaw County, CO
Oregon ARES
Umatilla/Morrow, OR
Deschutes County, OR
Oregon Coast, OR
Coos County, OR
Marion County, OR
Tillamook County, OR
Burbank County, CA
Contra Costa Co., CA
Los Angeles, CA
Simi Valley County, CA
Yolo County, CA
Wayne County, MA
Eastern, MA Sturdy Memorial Hospital
Brandon County, FL
Volusia County, FL
Pinellas County, FL
Hillsborough Co., FL
Sheriff's Tactical ARC

Madison County, AL
Whatcom County, WA
San Juan County, WA
Davis County, UT
Nibley City CERT, UT
Ohio District 10, ARES
Franklin County, OH
Ashland County, OH
Morrow County, OH
Portage County, OH
Queen City, OH
Sandusky County, OH
Summit County, OH
Heart of TN ARES
BC Wireless Society
Burnaby Radio Club
South West, KS
Clark County, NV
Manchester Co., CT
Bremer County, IA
Cedar Valley, IA
Linn County, IA
Bexar County, TX
Collin County, TX
Denton County, TX
Garland County, TX
Tarrant County, TX
Tom Green Co., TX
Harris County, TX
Kaufman County, TX
North Central TX Trauma Regional Advisory Council
North Central TX Health Care ARC
CareFlite® North Central Denton County TX Emergency Services

Surrey SEPAR, BC
Mercury ARC, BC
Barrie ARC, ON
Oakville ARES, ON
Moose Jaw ARC, SK





How do I create a PDF file so I can email it?

    The best solution I have found for creating PDF files with out going to the expense of purchasing Adobe Acrobat is to use a piece of software called cutePDF Writer. Rather than incorporating the creation of PDF files inside the RACES Logger application and only give you the ability to create PDF's from RACES Logger, cutePDF Writer will give you the ability to create PDF files from other applications on your computer as well. cutePDF Writer relies on GostScript to convert postscript files into PDF files. GostScript must be downloaded and installed first before cutePDF Writer.

How much does it cost?

    RACES Logger is free of charge. Please help keep it free by becoming a sponsor.

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What are the system requirements?

    RACES Logger will run on any Windows system. Check the system requirements for more information.

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Does it RACES Logger work over a network?

    No, RACES Logger does not work over a network. But there are plans to create a network version.

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I installed RACES Logger, but how do I run it?

    Run RACESLogger.exe located in the default directory. The installation program does not create default program groups or desktop icons. If you would like a program group or desktop shortcut you will have to create them your self. See Microsoft® Windows documentation.

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I get Error: Not a valid copy when I run RACES Logger?

    You have a test version of RACES Logger not intended for distribution. The latest version can be downloaded here.

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How do I enter notes for individual check-ins.

    You can enter notes for individual call signs by double clicking on the "memo"

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How do I change the default zone?

    You can change the default zone by double clicking on the appropriate zone in the Zones window.

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What do TR, AN, EC,  LK, IR, AR, DN and CO columns stand for?

    TR = Traffic
    AN = Announcement
    EC = Early net check in
    LK = Linked System
    IR = In route to location
    AR = Arrived at location
    DN = Done with assignment
    CO = Check out of net

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I can't find the Help file?

   A help file based on the information found on the website called RACESLogger.chm. This file should be copied to your RACESLogger directory so it can be accessed by the program.  Help and FAQ can also be found on this website, RACESLogger.com. Click here to download latest help file.

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Program will not run. Missing support library?

    Files required for running RACESLogger have been deleted from your /SYSTEM32/ directory. Or the copy you are running was not installed on your system using the RACESLoggerSetup.exe program.

1) Make a backup of your DATA directory in C:\RACESLogger\
2) Uninstall RACESLogger using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.
3) Run RACESLoggerSetup.exe installation program.
4) Copy your backup DATA directory back to C:\RACESLogger\

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How do I Cut, Copy, and Paste Notes and other information?

You need to use the following key combinations:

CTRL X  - Cut selected text
CTRL C  - Copy selected text
CTRL V  - Paste selected text

These are inherited features available in all windows operating systems and applications.

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