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Federal Communications Commission
American Radio Relay League
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Montgomery County, PA
South Central PA Counter Terrorism Task Force
Delaware County, PA
Dauphin County, PA
Bald Eagle RA, PA
Chester County, PA
Erie County, PA
New Castle Co., PA
Schuylkill County, PA
Warren County, NJ
Sussex County, DE
Newport County, RI
Arlington County, VA
Virginia Capital, VA
Sandoval County, NM
Marquette County, WI
Milwaukee County, WI
Sauk County, WI
North/West County, WI
Yellowstone, MT
Scott County, IN
Dekalb County, GA
Dawson County, GA
Fayette County, GA
Springfield County, IL
McHenry County, IL
District ARES, NH
East Rockingham, NH
Great Bay, NH
Hillsborough County, NH
Mt. Washington, NH
South Grafton County, NH
West Rockingham, NH
Baxter County, AR
Sebastian County, AR
Berkeley County, SC
Greenville County, SC
Clarksville CATS, TN
Bradley County, TN
Blount County, TN
Hamilton County, TN
Williamson County, TN
Heart of TN ARES
Adirondack ARC, NY
Erie County, NY
Franklin County, NY
Nassau County, NY
New York City, NY
Niagara County, NY
Smithtown ARES, NY
Queens County, NY
Orange County, NY
Penn Yan, NY
Rockland County, NY
Genesee County, MI
Houghton County, MI
Kalamazoo County, MI
Macomb County, MI
Northside ARC, MI
York County, ME
Dakota County, MN
Panola County, MS
Ogemaw County, CO
Oregon ARES
Umatilla/Morrow, OR
Deschutes County, OR
Oregon Coast, OR
Coos County, OR
Marion County, OR
Tillamook County, OR
Burbank County, CA
Contra Costa Co., CA
Los Angeles, CA
Simi Valley County, CA
Yolo County, CA
Wayne County, MA
Eastern, MA Sturdy Memorial Hospital
Brandon County, FL
Volusia County, FL
Pinellas County, FL
Hillsborough Co., FL
Sheriff's Tactical ARC

Madison County, AL
Whatcom County, WA
San Juan County, WA
Davis County, UT
Nibley City CERT, UT
Ohio District 10, ARES
Franklin County, OH
Ashland County, OH
Morrow County, OH
Portage County, OH
Queen City, OH
Sandusky County, OH
Summit County, OH
Heart of TN ARES
BC Wireless Society
Burnaby Radio Club
South West, KS
Clark County, NV
Manchester Co., CT
Bremer County, IA
Cedar Valley, IA
Linn County, IA
Bexar County, TX
Collin County, TX
Denton County, TX
Garland County, TX
Tarrant County, TX
Tom Green Co., TX
Harris County, TX
Kaufman County, TX
North Central TX Trauma Regional Advisory Council
North Central TX Health Care ARC
CareFlite® North Central Denton County TX Emergency Services

Surrey SEPAR, BC
Mercury ARC, BC
Barrie ARC, ON
Oakville ARES, ON
Moose Jaw ARC, SK


All upgrades are available through the Automatic Update Server. Simply enable "Check for updates on program startup" in the Default Settings screen.

RACESLogger UPGRADE 2.1.29 - 11/26/2013 New features include:

  • Added Use Roster Zone option to Net Checkins. When disbled the currenly
    selected Zone will be logged. When enabled (Default) the Zone from roster
    will be logged.
  • Added scroll bar to the Call-sign drop-down list in Net Checkins.
  • Added sorting to the Call-sign drop-down list in Net Checkins.
  • Added Statuses logging to Notes with option to disable in Net Checkins.
  • Added Zone changes logging with option to disable in Net Checkins.
  • Added option to diable Assigntment logging to Notes in Net Checkins.
  • Added option to check for duplicate Checkins in Net Checkins.
  • Added a left-click to access Zones in Net Checkins.
  • Added a Delete row button in Net Checkins.
  • Fixed problem with partial Call-sign not filling in some instance
    when using right-click in Net Checkins.
  • Fixed problem with Zone not filling in some instance when using
    right-click in Net Checkins.
  • Fixed problem with Show Check-out check mark logic was reversed.


RACESLogger UPGRADE 2.1.25 - 9/19/2013 New features include:

  • Added show/hide Checked-out stations option.
  • Added the Statuses screen to the restore window postions in Defaults.
  • Added a percent complete status bars to application and database update.
  • Added trapping for multiple instances when making menu selections.
  • Removed the Multiple instance error message from startup.
  • Removed some unused Class references.
  • Fixed refresh issue when moving back and forth between nets.
  • Fixed error when clearing rows in Net Checkins


RACESLogger UPGRADE 2.1.21 - 8/21/2013 New features include:

  • Only a single instance program can now be run at one time.
  • Clean up Defaults settings, added navigation tabs.
  • Added drop down menus to Net Checkins with options to save and restore windows positions. And to show/unshow windows.
  • Added definable statuses with foreground and background definable colors.
  • Added a Status window to Net Checkins with filtering. Double clicking on
    a Status will filter/unfilter the Net Checkins list.
  • Fixed refresh issue when moving back and forth between nets.
  • Fixed issue when deleting and adding Zones, the same ID can be assigned twice.
  • Fixed a minor issue of Net Checkins windows covering the Quick Start window when open.


RACESLogger UPGRADE 2.0.17 - 5/14/2013 New features include:

  • Made the application window resizable and maximizable.
  • Only a single instance of the Nets screen can be opened.
  • Expanded the Assignments field to 250 characters.
  • Added logging of Assignment changes in Notes.
  • Fixed Desktop Shortcut creation error in Windows 8, 7 and Vista.
  • Updated the default QRZ lookup URL.


RACESLogger UPGRADE 2.0.12 - 5/20/2011 New features include:

  • Cleaned up unused menus.
  • Added Setup, Reports and Nets menu selections.
  • Less cryptic prompts, warnings, and notices.
  • Expanded the Roster email address field.
  • Re-designed the Print Reports screen.
  • Added a 24 hour clock to Net Checkins title bar.
  • Fixed a problem with the date and time sometimes not printing
    in 24 hour on reports.
  • Added file select button to browse to and set default Internet Browser.
  • Added a minimum screen resolution check of 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Add Hotkeys for Net Checkins(CTRL+N), Net Reports (CTRL+P),
    Quick Start (CTRL+Q).
  • Added a Summary and Totals Only option to Net Reports.
  • Added a Roster Summary Report.
  • Added Region and Section fields to Defaults settings and reporting.
  • Added Right Mouse Click quick picks for Zone Column in Net Checkins. Useful
    when login mobile and roaming stations.
  • Added dynamic Right Mouse Click quick picks for Call Sign Column in Net Checkins.
    When you right click on a blank Call field, a list of call signs is displayed for
    the current default zone. If the field contains a partial call sign, a list of
    call signs in the current default zone starting with the partial entry is
    display. If the field contains a complete call sign a Clear, Traffic, Anncmnt,
    Linked, Early, In Route, Arrived, Done, Out, QRZ is displayed.
  • Logging of net activity in Station Notes for Net Checkins. A timestamp for each log entry Traffic, Anncmnt, Linked, Early, In Route, Arrived, Done, and Check Out.
  • Added a Date/Time Stamp function to Notes window and Comments field in the
    Net Checkins. Double clicking in the Notes window or Comments field to append
    a new date and time stamp to any existing notes.
  • Added a Date/Time Stamp function to Notes field in Roster screen.
  • Added a Non-Member option to Roster screen.
  • Expanded Work and Home phone fields in Roster to include space for extensions.
  • Expanded Frequency field in Net Types screen.
  • Added a automatic frequency comment to the Comments field when a Net Type is selected in the Net Checkins screen.
  • Added left scroll bar to the Comments field in the Net Checkins screen.
  • Changed the color coding for Call column in the Net Checkins screen.
    Orange for In Route, Green for Arrived, Blue for Done, Red for Checked out.
  • Added DblClick function to Net Checkins screen. Double clicking below the last
    Call sign in the table will automatically append a new record with out having to
    hit return.
  • Added a CTRL+C hotkey to clear a row in the Net Checkins screen.
  • Added default assignments functionality for each Net Reason. You can added as many assignments and assign Call Signs from the Roster for each. When the station checks in his assignment will be placed in the assignment column. This can be used for basic event pre-planning.
  • Expanded the Reasons and Assignments fields to 50 characters.
  • Added Add, Del buttons and pull down button to access Roster List with Call, First,
    and Last Name, to Reasons screen.
  • Added a dynamic Right click lookup of current net assignments in the Assignments
    column in Net Checkins screen. Change default assignments, or make assignments on the

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